Flight Planning

Sky Connect provides services you can trust. When it comes to flight planning, it is only a professional whom you can rely on. We have gratified various clients with our flight planning and scheduling services. Our team works 24 hours a day round the year to ensure you get uninterrupted and smooth services. Whatever the scenario may be, we have what it takes to serve you with the best of our expertise and experience gathered along our path to success.

Our team will conduct in-depth analysis and provide consultation for your journey. We consider all crucial factors that may affect the efficiency and timing of your flight; such as aircraft performance data, air traffic, weather forecasts and much more. It is only to serve your mission in the best possible manner while you sit back and relax and let us handle your critical tasks.

We maintain good business relations with our business associates which allow us to deliver a wide range of services, such as tailored flight plans according to your needs and preferences. Some of the services we render are as follows:

  • Worldwide flight planning (imperial and metric) and electronic filing
  • Multiple Route Optimization
  • EROPS/ETOPS alternate usability planning (WX/NOTAM analysis)
  • EROPS 61 – 180 minute calculations with graphical range rings
  • ETOPS 61 – 207 minute calculations with graphical range rings
  • ETOPS performance drift down (not terrain)
  • ETP planning
  • North Atlantic Track system
  • Pacific and Australian Organized Track Structure (PACOTS; AUOTS),
  • Critical fuel scenario planning
  • Oxygen performance planning
  • EU ops complaint flight plans
  • Decision point or re-clear flight plans
  • Hundreds of flight plan formats