International Trip Planning

Our International Trip Planning Services

International Trip Planning services are rendered by various other aviation companies in this industry, but what distinguishes us from rest of them is the aim and dedication to deliver flawless and unsurpassed quality services to gratify our clients. We, at Sky Connect work in accordance with the client’s requirements. We work in different phases so that the plan is executed perfectly and you get the best out of our services.

How We Work

  • Gather information about the trip
  • Identify special passenger requests
  • Analyze the trip
  • Obtain required documents
  • Present the flight plan to the customer

When we receive the query from our customers, we as for full information so that none of the requirements are left behind and we can assist the person to the best of our expertise. After receiving the full requirements we analyze what special arrangements are required to perform the task. Analyzing the trip is the most crucial part that we perform with special care and dedication. After performing our research we ask the customer for the documents required and present the flight plan to the customer.

  • Maintain constant customer contact
  • Take care of any trip changes
  • Resolve any ground handling issues
  • Provide customs and weather updates
  • Provide updates on sports scores (for avid fans)

We are always in touch with our clients. We maintain close contact so that if there are any changes to the flight plan from the client’s end, we can take care of it in the shortest possible time. We ensure all the processes go smoothly and the client does not have any problem while travelling. Apart from these services we also share weather updates and sports scores for people who are eager to know about sports matches.

  • Obtain feedback from the crew
  • Ensure all passenger requests have been accommodated
  • Provide a detailed invoice to the client

We ensure all things go as planned. This is why we obtain feedback and get to know where the problem emerged from. It gives us crucial data and helps us overcome the hurdle in the future.