Overflight & Landing Permits

Time is money and Sky Connect can save you time and money both. We do so by carrying out processes in a synchronized manner and within time. Hundreds of our clients rely on our timely services. We deliver Overflight and Landing Permit issuing services and no matter how critical the matter is, we are experienced enough to deal with the worst case scenarios.

We are experienced in dealing with complicated scenarios such as:

  • Operating to non AOE
  • Out of hours operations
  • Non-objection process for traffic rights
  • Foreign Operator Certification (FOC)

We have strong relationships with over 140 civil aviation regulatory authorities and governmental agencies worldwide, which enables us to secure essential permits in the shortest time possible. We also tender services to settle your CAA charges on your behalf.

  • Short notice permits
  • Diplomatic permits
  • Military and civilian clearances
  • PPR
  • Slot (Seasonal and Ad-Hoc) obtaining and managing
  • Traffic rights
  • Landing rights